Author: sabrina

Cat management preferences poster at the HSUS Expo

Thanks, as always, to everyone who has participated in my survey-based research!  Responses from 2559 people were included in this project, making it the largest study about cat management preferences that has been conducted.  My initial aim, and what the data demonstrate, is that “cat people” and “bird people” have many things in common and aren’t as polarized as we commonly think.  You can download and read my full poster in PDF format here.

The HSUS Animal Care Expo has formally started including research poster presentations as part of the event, and it was great to be included.

“State of the Mewnion” poster at the HSUS Expo

Thank you to everyone who shared their information, policies, and opinions for the State of the Mewnion survey! We had an impressive 567 feral cat care and advocacy groups participate. My collaborators and I are still working on data analysis and writing up the full results to publish in an open access journal. In the mean time, I created a poster with some of the results, which you can view and download in PDF format here.

Next year’s HSUS Animal Care Expo is planning to have a scientific poster section where people can show off research and what they’ve done with their organization’s data. We were the sample poster on display at this year’s Expo to show what such a poster could look like. Since I would love to see more research content integrated into animal movements, it was nice to be the first poster displayed at this large convention for animal welfare professionals.